Modern Classic Back Garden

Fulwood, Sheffield

I was contacted to convert the tired far back garden into an outdoor seating area where the family can share diners together, BBQ and relax on English summer evenings. In the sunniest spot in the garden that receives evening light, the unused vegetable beds were replaced with a patio and seating area. The patio is paved with buff multi-toned rectangular Indian sandstone slabs of varying sized, laid in a randomised pattern that appear to escape and soften the edges of the patio.

Over the patio a black pergola trained with Wisteria ‘Murasaki Kapitan’ provides a stunning display of violet flowers and delicate floral scent from late Spring into early summer. The existing shed was replaced with an Apex Tradition Style Shed stained black to coordinate with the pergola and fence.

The hedge along the left side is augmented with a native flowering hedge species mix, which over time will fill in the gaps and bring a colourful display of yellow, white, and red through the seasons. Robust shade tolerant herbaceous planting adds a cottage garden feel to the traditional but modernised garden. Lighting and heating will extend the use of the garden through the seasons and years to come.


  • Sandstone step down leads to the far garden
  • Back garden patio paved with randomised pattern and sizes of warm multi-toned buff coloured Indian sandstone slabs, in keeping with the top garden’s existing patio
  • Creeping time escaping from between the pavers leading to the shed
  • Pergola with stained black beams and the rafters a natural warm wood colour
  • Pergola trained with Wisteria ‘Murasaki Kapitan’
  • Horizontal slatted modern fence stained black
  • Black coated cast iron dining table and chairs for 6x people
  • Apex Tradition Style Shed & Tempo Vibe Contemporary
  • Large decorative pots planted with white agapanthus and culinary herbs
  • Light; LED strip under the lip of the bullnose step, spot lights installed on shed to increase visibility and string lights on pergola
  • The dying hedge along the left side is supplemented with a mix of native flowering hedge species, which over time will fill in the gaps and bring yellow, white and red colour throughout the season
  • In the far back garden, robust colourful shade tolerate shrubs and herbaceous species will add to the cottage garden feel
  • Lighting: under the lip of the bullnose step with an LED strip, spotlight on the shed and fairy type dangling lighting over the pergola. The lights will be controlled from within the home to be turned on with the flip of a switch
  • A free-standing outdoor heater on the patio will extend the use of the garden into the winter months
Modern Classic Back Garden
Modern Classic Back Garden
Modern Classic Back Garden