Price Guide

The prices below represent a rough guide and starting point for both the design work and landscape build of a garden.

Why Invest in Your Garden?

A well-designed garden will add between 5% to 20% to the total value of your home. The recommended proportion to budget for your garden is between 5% to 10% of the value of your home, which includes the design, materials and labour.

Key garden features that help the resale value of your home:

  • Low maintenance planting, quality and/or long-lasting hardscape materials;
  • Privacy added by strategic planting or fencing;
  • The extension of your living space created by a garden that suits multiple purposes;
  • Extra storage space created by sheds;
  • Mature planting.


Garden Design Work – Costs

The amount of work that will go into creating your garden design will determine the total cost. The size of your garden and the services you choose, such as a master plan, planting plan, and construction details, will all affect the pricing. For a full list of services provided please click here. Sites that are especially sloped or contain challenging irregularities will require more work which will be reflected in the cost estimations of the design work.

Charges are based on an hourly fee – please see the Special Offers page for details of services aimed to make a tailored garden design accessible for those on a tight budget.

Flora Works is always upfront about costs. After our initial meeting you will receive a Design Fee Proposal outlining the stages and costs based on the required services. It is difficult to give exact costs before we meet in person as the scope of work for your garden has yet to be determined. Re-designs will be charged by the hour. You will be provided with a fee estimation so that there are no surprises.


Initial Consultation:                                                                                                                            £75

The initial consultation fee includes a 1.5 hr meeting and covers travel expenses within Sheffield. If the design stage then goes ahead, this fee will be absorbed into the final cost of your design.