Gypsophila elegans, Annual Baby’s Breath

Gypsophila elegans aka Baby’s Breath makes a great addition to flower beds or planted pots. It is a sun loving annual with delicate white flowers that can be cut or dried to make beautiful flower arrangements. In addition it’s a great pollinator and looks beautiful when paired with colourful blooms or grasses.


Location: Prefers sunny positions and can be planted in your; flower beds, pots, gravel gardens, stone walls


Soil: Alkaline or ph neutral soil

Growth Habit: 20cm height X 50cm spread

Sowing Outdoors: Sow directly outdoors in well draining soil when the last signs of frost has gone. It can be sown every few weeks to have a rotation of flowers throughout the summer. Can be sown in Autumn

Growing Gypsophila Seed Indoors: Seeds can be started indoors in late winter, 6-8 weeks before the outdoor planting date

Transplanting them in your garden: Ensure to harden off your seedlings before planting them outside then plant the seedlings 30cm apart


Cut Flowers: When the blooms start to open they can be cut for flower arrangements or dried flowers. Ensure to wear gloves as the sap can be an irritant for some people. Cutting them back after they’ve flowered will encourage them to grow and flower for you again later in the season.