Be practical and ask yourself a few questions

In the beginning stages it is beneficial that you take some time to consider what you and your family need most out of a new garden. Would you like a new seating area to host parties, a play area for your children to play or exotic planting to reflect your personal style? You will also need to think about constraints that my be present in your garden. Is your garden very shady? Do you need planning permissions to remove an undesired tree?

There are also many practical factors to account for that will ensure that your space is well organised and functions at its best capacity. For a design to be successful form must always follow function.


How much maintenance work am I willing to put in? Do I want to hire a gardener?

You may have seen your dream garden at National Trust visit or landscape magazine and thought to yourself, that’s what I want! Even if you have the means to hire gardener your garden must be sensitively designed with maintenance in mind. Gardens require ongoing maintenance such as lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, mulching, deadheading etc. Ask yourself, how much work I am I ready to put in? What tasks can will I do myself? What maintenance jobs will require a professional gardener? Have I always wanted to learn more about horticulture and this is my chance!?




What existing features do I want to retain? What features just have to go?

Hard materials such as paving will require more work to remove. Make sure to consider costs for the removal of material and the labour involved.


What’s the next step? For a full list of important garden considerations please click here: